6 day Trekking in racha

  • Season - Summer
  • Type - Trekking Tour
  • Duration - 6 Days
  • Price - from $ 760

This 6-days trekking in Racha is one of the most picturesque trekking tours in Georgia Caucasus.  Racha is often called as Switzerland of Caucasus –     snow-capped peaks, huge glaciers, hidden valleys, green alpine meadows and majestic view over the Great Caucasus Mountains are main gems of Racha region.  We overnight at guesthouses for some days, while doing camping in tents in the wild, unspoiled nature for the next days. 

If you want to experience less touristic places, most spectacular views, unexplored nature, great food and wilderness of the mountains, this trek is for you.


Day 1: Tbilisi-Shaori-Shovi  

Driving Distance 340 km, Hours 7 Hours

  • In the morning, we will depart for the mountainous region – Racha. It is located 340 km from Tbilisi, and 140 km from Kutaisi in west-north of Georgia. We stop at Shaori reservoir which is one of the beautiful water reservoirs in Georgia surrounded by pine trees and flowered green fields. We stop at Nikortsminda Church which was built in the 11th century and was repaired in the 17th century. The church has a great dome and twelve windows with beautiful decorations and ornaments. The Cathedral is on the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then we travel to village Glola and overnight there. 

  • Overnight at guesthouse in Glola.

Day 2: Shovi – Buba Glacier-Shovi

Walking Distance 12 km, Duration 6 hours, starting elevation 1566 m, maximum elevation 2505 m, 1010 m Up & 1010 Down

  • In the morning, we start trekking to Buba glacier. The trail starts at the resort Shovi and goes along the gorge of river Bubastskhali. After the slope, the route passes shepherds’ summer hut and ascends the ridge, from where we will enjoy an impressive panorama on the Buba Glacier and its vicinity. At the end of the ridge, the trail turns right, descends and finishes at the tongue of the glacier. From the glacier, passing the same way, the trail returns back to Shovi. 

  • Overnight at guesthouse in Shovi.

Day 3: Shovi – Udziro Lake

Walking distance 11 km,  Duration 9 Hours,  Starting elevation 1346 m, maximum 3077

  • In the early morning, we start our trekking activities. At first, we hike through a forest, then continue into the alpine meadows of the picturesque Chkauri valley. Afterward, we will follow the upstream river and have a lunch in the alpine meadows just below the massive mountain peaks. From here, we hike up the steepest section of this trek: to the Geske pass (3076m). From the top, you can see Udziro lake and surrounding mountain Katitsvera. We descend towards the lake and overnight on the banks of the lake. 

  • Overnight in tents.

Day 4: Udziro Lake – Glola

Walking Distance 8 km, Duration 6 hours, Starting elevation 2800, Ending elevation 1330 m

  • This day is relatively easy. The views are majestic. You can see sunrise into the Great Caucasus mountains and look at one of the highest peaks of the Caucasus from the lake. After short walks into the surrounding area of the lake, we descend towards the Glola village. At first, we walk into the alpine meadows but then descend into the forest. The trail is quite steep and requires several hours to reach Glola village.

  • Overnight at guesthouse in Glola village.

Day 5: Glola-Ghebi-Gona-Lagura Huts-Oni

Walking Distance 14 km, starting elevation 1284 m, maximum elevation 2000m

  • Our last part of Racha trekking starts on this day. We are hiking towards Shoda-Kedela mountain range. First, we walk on the off-road and reach Gona village.  From here the path becomes small and narrow, but the overall trail is easy and very nice. The views for today are nothing short – Greater Caucasus Mountains, small villages, glaciers, and snow-peaked mountains are highlights of this day. After we reach Lagura huts, being used by local shepherds, we are hiking back to Ghebi village, and drive to Oni.

  • Overnight at Guesthouse in Oni. 

Day 6: Oni-Ambrolauri-Tbilisi

Driving Distance 310 km, Duration 7 hours

  • In the morning, we start our final steps of Racha adventure. We will travel to Khvanchkara village where we taste the famous wine of Racha – Khvanchkara wine factory. Khvanchkara is a single estate semi-sweet Georgian red wine made from unique aborigine varietals “Aleksandrouli” and “Mujuretuli” produced at Khvanchkara Winery according to the ancient traditions. It exhibits a deep ruby color, aromatic taste, and complex structure. It is the “Pearl” among the Georgian wines.

  •  Afterward, we travel back to Tbilisi or Kutaisi. 

Tour Price Includes:

✅ 6-Day Expert Leadership from experienced adventure guides

✅ Transportation by comfortable vehicle

✅ Fuel Surcharge

✅ Luggage transportation for each day

✅ Breakfast, Lunch boxes and Dinner for 5 Days

✅ 3 overnight at a guesthouse in Glola/Shovi

✅ 1 overnight at a guesthouse in Oni

✅ Camping Equipment (Tents, Sleeping bags & mats, cooking gear)

 Price Does Not Include : 

✘ Travel Insurance

✘ Trekking gear 

✘ Overnight in Tbilisi for the last night

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  • Wear Trekking Shoes
  • Bring Hat & Sun cream
  • Bring Raincoat & Warm Jacket
  • Bring small Backpack (20 liter capacity)
  • Bring your medicine and first aid kit
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